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Master Personal Trainer Michael Jones, with a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology, has been involved in the fitness industry for 17 years.  Over the last 13 years, he has been the General Manager and head trainer at Riverton Health & Fitness Center.  During this time he has conducted more that 40,000 personal training sessions.  Michael specializes in getting you in shape quickly and effectively. He also specializes in weight loss and fat loss, crash "get in shape quickly" programs, including pre-wedding, pre-vacation, pre-summer, post pregnancy!  He also specializes in middle/high school athletic conditioning.  Many of his scholastic athletes have gone on to become some of the best in the state at their sports!  Hey parents, think...college scholarship!!!


Mike's the Fitness Manager responsible for managing the Club's Group Fitness and Personal Training programs. He's one of South Jersey's most successful Fitness Trainers who brings more than 15 years of experience to the Club. During his career Mike has performed more than 30,000 personal training sessions helping his clients lose hundreds of pounds and inches along the way.  Mike is also responsible for Business Development.


Lisa has taught at New Jersey Health and Fitness, Versa Fit and the Spa Fitness Center. She is very excited to be sharing her experience with the members of Riverton Health & Fitness Center! Lisa believes in the mind and body connection. After teaching dance for many years, she had a back injury, which led her to her passion for Pilates. She believes Pilates and positive thinking healed her body and spirit. She has great compassion for others and enjoys making a difference in other peoples' lives through Pilates.




Joemille is a wife, mother, daughter and friend. She is also an employee, a student and a teacher. She finds that no matter how difficult her life may be, it only takes one good song to put a smile on the face and to lighten the mood. That is why she loves ZUMBA. It gives her and you an opportunity to take a little time to boost your spirits and recharge your batteries, and of course to get fit too! Come join Joemille for fun & fitness.





Dawn is a full time mom and paralegal and has been an athlete her entire life and has strived to keep fitness a part of her life as well as her family's lives. Through the years Dawn tried all different types of exercise classes; she was even an aerobics instructor for a period of time. Once she tried Zumba, she was hooked and knew there was no other workout that could give her the results she wanted and a great workout at the same time. Dawn enjoyed it so much, that she became an instructor and took pleasure in sharing the great workout while making it fun.






Ralph Quinn is certified by the Tai Chi for Health Institute to teach sets of tai chi forms designed to benefit one’s health. He has practiced tai chi daily for over forty years and now enjoys teaching it safely to others using Dr. Paul Lam’s Stepwise Progressive Teaching Method. Ralph continues to deepen his own understanding of tai chi by studying with Maggie Newman, a senior student of the late Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ch’ing, and with Master William Ting, a closed-door student of the late Grandmaster Lu Ji-Tang. He also studies qigong exercises and applied qigong therapy with Master Faxiang Hou.





Maureen is a Special Education Teacher at Thomas Paine Elementary School and a certified AFAA instructor. Fitness is her passion and she has been a group fitness instructor for 20 years.






Melissa is a Riverton native who is currently finishing her Masters of Social Work degree at UPenn. She loves the intensity of spin as well as the serenity of a long run outside. She is enthusiastic about fitness and is excited to share that with others by teaching spin classes.







Jennifer is an AAAI/ISMA Certified Fitness Instructor.  She is also a wife, a mother of four, holds down a full-time job, and teaches free fitness classes in her neighborhood.  Jennifer truly understands what it means to be “busy”, and with the support of her family she makes it a point to try to live a healthy lifestyle.  Currently her objective is to teach classes around “form & function”, by utilizing current fitness trends, and basic fundamental exercise movements.   She believes in preventative maintenance of your body, and by performing the exercises correctly your body will be less prone to injury.  Her current classes combine Hiit (High intensity interval training), Cross Fitness & Boot-Camp techniques, and Kickboxing, with a focus on core exercises. 



Erin has always integrated fitness into her life. Growing up she spent 18 years in dance classes, cheerleading, and earning her black belt in karate. She enjoys mixing those elements into her classes. Erin also enjoys running in 5ks, half marathons, and anything that will give her a medal and a finishers shirt. She also enjoys lifting weights and mixing in HIIT workouts. Erin is an elementary special education teacher in Moorestown. She is excited to be teaching classes at RHFC as it lets her combine her passions for both teaching and fitness.






Stephon is a NASM certified group fitness and personal training instructor. He is passionate about holistic and lifestyle fitness. Stephon enjoys versatility in training, which enables clients to experience enjoyable and effective workouts. 






Ashley is an ACE Certified personal trainer and spin instructor. She is an avid fitness lover and takes great pride in helping others reach their fitness goals. Nothing motivates her more than seeing a bunch of sweaty students after class! She believes that your workout should be a fun part of your day and something you look forward to doing. Her love of fitness stemmed from doing many rounds of P90X, which inspired her to get certified. Aside from spinning, Ashley enjoys running, cross training, tabata, and weight lifting. She is a firm believer that changing up your routine and muscle confusion are very important keys to success. 





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