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    As a visitor of Riverton Health and Fitness Center, I intend to and will engage in strenuous physical activities and group fitness classes on RH&FC's premises. I understand that these physical activities involve certain risk and exposure to personal injury, which risk and exposure I voluntarily assume for myself and any member of my family, including any children who visit RH&FC. In consideration of mutual convenants contained herein and other good and valuable consideration, including children, the receipt and sufficiency or which is hereby acknowledged. I hereby release in full and forever discharge RH&FC, it's Directors, Officers, Shareholders, Agents, and Employees, whether acting officially or otherwise on behalf of myself and any member of my family, our Representative Heirs, Executors, Administrators, and Personal Representatives from any and all claims demands, or causes or action relating to or deriving from any injury to me or any members of my family, including children during or arising out of the use of RH&FC's facilities or participation in RH&FC events, including all risk connected therewith, whatever foreseen or unforeseen.